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Synthetic Dreadlocks

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The very basic idea: Attach a fake fringe/bangs to the front of the head temporarily.

What kind of materials do I buy?

There are two main ways to create a fringe. The easier but more expensive and less customizable way is with pre-sewn wefts. Many people choose to use human hair wefts in a light blonde which they dye a bright color. Most people use two layers of weft for thickness and sew clips to the back of the piece for attachment to the hair. The other way to create a fringe is by using bulk synthetic hair and hand tying or machine sewing your own weft. This means no running dye when the fringe is washed and a better color selection of hair. Below are the ways to create your own weft.

1 Hand tying -- Example here. Using large hole tulle and a crochet hook, small chunks of hair are knotted to the tulle. Tutorial here.

2 Hand tying Line technique -- Using fishing line, small chunks of hair are connected together. Tutorial here.

How do I hide the weft part of the fringe? Head bands or criss crossing natural hair are the two most used ways.

I don't want to wear a hairband. How do I hide the joint? There's advice over here about that very issue.