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Welcome to Alternative Hair Extensions Guide!

The idea of this guide is to give you an introduction to the breadth the Alternative Hair Extensions world has to offer. Should you desire to DIY or buy extensions, this guide will help point you in the right direction.

Hi, my name is Emily of Vixen Sings Black. Back in 2001 I became interested in alternative hair extensions and by 2002 I was making and wearing them myself. At the time, Quinnsters guide to hair extensions was invaluable to me and had a great deal to do with my jumping into alternative hair extensions. However, Quinn's guide has not been updated in a long while, and I thought it was high time for another comprehensive, online guide to Alternative Hair Extensions. This guide will be heavily linked to Hair Extensions Forum, or HEF, a very helpful forum based around Alternative Hair Extensions.

I'm doing my best with this site, but if you have suggestions for improving please let me know. Also, if you find any dead links, don't hesitate to let me know. Info@EmilyBufford.com


(Note: I have defined and tried to provide a picture for each dread type mentioned within this website. However, many people may define dread types slightly differently, and every person's dreads will be unique to their style of making. I do believe that I've given general reference pictures, but please check out the "Pretty Hair Galleries" for more examples.)