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Wire: By wrapping dreadlocks with wire attached to a head (or wig) the dreads can stand up and be shaped into craziness! Very fun and unique. Not able to be washed due to risk of rust.

Undercuts and Extensions: Some people choose to shave off the very bottom of the hair at the neckline to make extension wearing more comfortable. Often, the hair at the back of the neck can be sensitive to weight, so hard core extension wearers shave it off to avoid it hanging loose. Other people choose undercuts so fewer extensions are on the head, and therefor less weight which increases comfort. Undercuts are not necessary, however. My neckline hair is sensitive to weight, but rather than get an undercut, I simply braid it and hide it in the extensions.

Faux-Roving: The name of my invention means dreads made out of polar fleece. See an install here and see hair falls here. My gallery here has the most pictures in one place. Here is a tutorial about how to make them. They are great because they create a lot of volume with very little weight. To freshen them after an install or wearing as falls, simply pop into a bag and stick them in the dryer on high heat, low tumble with a few dryer sheets.