Basic Definitions

Synthetic Dreadlocks

Wool Roving Dreadlocks

Loose Hair and Braids

Plastic, Foam, Cyberlox




Natural Dreads

Other Materials

All About Installs

More Sources

This section lists other online sources for learning more in-depth about alternative hair extensions. I hope this guide has been helpful in introducing you, now let's take a deeper look into this wonderful, hair world.

Hair Extensions Forum -- includes info, questions, tutorials, and galleries of ALL types of alt hair extensions.

Synth Dread Extension Guide by Mkatsi -- in-depth about synth dreads with some about wool dreads

Quinnster's Guide (expect lots of broken links) -- broad overview of alt hair extensions

Hair Extension Society on Facebook -- ask questions, rate your shopping experiences, see pretty pictures

Youtube.com -- simply type in the search box what you're looking for, surprisingly HUGE amount of alt hair vids

Doctored Locks -- tutorials about all kinds of hair extensions, alt and regular

I Kick Shins -- very useful, realistic tutorials about alt hair extensions