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The very basic idea: Attach any of the alternative hair extensions to a wig base to create a whole new, completely temporary look.

Why wigs?

Choosing to wear a wig over hair falls or installs can occur for many reasons. The advantage of a wig is that it can be easily slipped on and off for an immediate change. People with very short hair, unable to wear falls or installs, may choose wigs. A wig may be chosen due to work obligations of not being able to dye natural hair wild colors. Wigs can also provide extreme styles not easily accomplished with hair falls or installs. Some people may find wigs more comfortable or easier to wear than hair falls or installs.

What kind of wig do I buy?

A lot of this depends upon the use of the wig, the kind of hair extensions to be added, and how realistic the wig should be. These will be covered in the section below as how to add extensions to the wig is discussed.

*Important!* The weight of a wig and how that weight is balanced can very much effect the wearing of it. To be sure your weight is reasonable and balanced, follow this advice. Even though the tutorial is for extensions in natural hair, the same applies to wigs. Also keep in mind wig fringes tend to look very fake, so razoring the fringe and restyling it to suit you can really help. When adding any kind of extension to the wig, keep in mind your head rests against the inside of the wig, so do not add any aggravating bits to the inside of the wig.

How can I add hair extensions to a wig?

Synthetic dreadlocks: Click for picture. To add synthetic dreadlocks to a wig, it is best to start with a mid-level wig which is made of 100% Kanekalon or 100% Toyokalon hair. The hair on the wig must be able to heat seal just as the synthetic dreadlocks must. The length should be chin to shoulder--buying longer more expensive wigs is a waste. There are two basic ways to achieve a synthetic dreadlock wig. 1 Incorporating the wig hair into every dread (tutorial here). 2 Dread the wig hair and attach separately made dreads to the wig base (tutorial here).

Wool Roving Dreadlocks: The wig for this does not particularly matter. Pick a wig base on the color and quality you want. The dreads should be made separately from the wig base, then braided in just like extensions. To fill in any gaps, simply sew extra wool dreads into place.

Loose Hair / Braids: Click for picture. It is important to start with a wig base you really like and that is of at least medium quality. The hair can be any kind of synthetic or human hair; just keep in mind the extension hair needs to be the same as the wig base. Individual streaks can be added using any household glue, and extra wefting can be added by sewing or glueing it to the wig base. And of course, the whole wig can be cut and styled.

Plastic Foam Cyberlox: Wigs are especially useful when trying to create an extreme cyber or industrial look. Choose a wig base by color and quality of your preference. All the materials, plastic foam cyberlox tubing etc, can be added to the wig any way possible. Glue, wire, and zip ties are just a few ways of attaching these materials to the wig along with braiding them into the wig's hair.

Yarn: Any kind of yarn can be added to any kind of wig base. Simply tie, sew, or braid the yarn onto the wig. Amazing length and texture can be achieved with the use of varying yarns. Because most yarn is so light, a very voluminous wig can be made with a reasonable weight.

Huge / Tall Wigs: Most wigs which are particularly tall or huge (think Bride of Frankenstein) have a wire mesh form or styrofoam form to create the volume, then hair is glued over the form to make it look like hair. Here is a tutorial about how to add gigantic anime buns to a wig; this is the basic idea about covering a form with hair, but every style will require different forms.

Coloring: A synthetic wig can be recolored, but only darker or brighter. Bleach and traditional hair dyes will not work on a synthetic wig. Acrylic based inks and paints are used to recolor a synthetic wig. Check out these multiple tutorials to learn more.

Wigs from Scratch: If you don't wish to use a pre-made wig base, you can start from scratch. Here's a tutorial about how to make a dread wig with stockings; this tut can also be used for synthetic dreads, plastic foam cyberlox, and yarn.

Loose Hair Wig from Scratch: This wonderful tutorial will show you how to use wefts to create a wig. This can help you create very, very custom creations.