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From my last post... By mid-June I felt like an unorganized hoarder and couldn’t take it anymore! Enter iteration #3.

I realized by this point, which is quite recently, I had to give up the notion of having ONE notebook I would take everywhere. I was bound to write on random bits and pieces of paper wherever I happened to be working at the time. So, I that’s what I did. I have two notebooks I try to take with me when I leave the office, both spiral bound, 1 subject, wide ruled, pre-hole punched notebooks. Even sometimes that fails, and I write on sticky notes or folded in half, printed on one side, 8.5x11 paper I fish from the recycle bin. This is no longer a worry! On Fridays (for now) I have office time 9am-10am and 2pm-3:15pm. From 3pm-3:15pm I organize, mark, and hole punch the random bits I have in notebooks, sticky notes, and folded paper. I then place these random pieces into the appropriate 3 ring binders; right now I have 3. One for monthly and daily spreads and meetings, one for our major summer 17 project, and one for my bi-weekly Web Team meeting. These binders will increase in number as I take on more projects and have more regularly scheduled meetings.

In addition to these, I also keep printed 8.5x11 sheets at my desk. I have monthly spreads and daily spreads. The monthly spread is a grid of the month at the top, and the bottom ¾ of the page is just horizontal lines so I can write in what I have to do that month. If I have an event/meeting on certain day I highlight it in the corresponding block on the top calendar, and write the date, time, and event/meeting on the bottom lines. The daily spread is super simple--printed 8.5x11 sheets with horizontal lines and some decoration. On these daily spreads I keep track of what I actually do during the day and if I have a specific task to do that day I pre-write it on that day’s spread. At the end of the week, the daily spreads are hole punched and put into a binder. I have photos of the monthly and daily spreads below.

So that’s where I currently am at keeping myself organized at work! It’s working really well so far for me, and I feel like I can keep up with it.

The important take aways I’ve learned? 1. Be willing to completely change the way I’m doing things; don’t feel that I must do it this way or that way because others do. 2. I really like 24lb paper! Just slightly thicker than typical printer paper, but it doesn’t jam the printer and ink doesn’t bleed through.

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