Letting Go of my Color Obession

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 07/03/2017 - 21:59

One mistake I made with BuJo versions #2 and #2.5 was that I thought I could manage to keep them themed. The at work BuJo was black and gold themed with black n gold sugar skulls on the front and on each page to demarcate sections. The home BuJo was bright rainbow and unicorn themed, with striped rainbow sections to demarcate sections. All I can think now is: nice try! By trying to restrict myself to such hard and fast color combos, I wound up frustrating myself because if a pen/sticky note/page didn’t match, I just felt failure. So now, with my new ProJo system, I’m just reminding myself--anything you need or like can go inside. If I have time at home, such as today, to decorate things and make pretty I will, other than that I’m just putting into those binders what comes. And that’s a BIG letting go for someone like me that’s so influenced by color and the need to coordinate.

So I went to my local Michael’s Arts n Crafts store today and just bought some things I liked. Whatever I liked! It didn’t have to match or coordinate, just some random 12x12 scrapbook paper I liked, and some stickers for a new, A5, dot grid notebook. Picked up some highlighters I’ve been eyeing up for months too (with a 40% off coupon). Letting go is a big deal with this new ProJo system I’m using; it won’t look “perfect” and it’s not meant to--number ONE concern is that it functions. So far, so good.

ProJo picture 1ProJo picture 2