HeadshotAbout Emily

I currently live in New Orleans and work for Loyola University in their Monroe Library. On the first day of my third week working in a library, I knew libraries are where I belong. I enjoyed teaching as an adjunct professor at UNO, a university that is made up of non-traditional students who are often attending college as the first in their families or returning to school at an older age. I now serve as a manager to Federal Work Study students, helping them learn how to work at a job as well as make it through school successfully and provide any life tips along the way that I can.

I am currently 25,000 words into writing a novel, though creation on this front slowed considerably, I am now back at it. I began working on my MLIS but had to stop due to work demands. I hope to one day complete my MLIS, and I want to give back to the university community of students by teaching some aspect of Library Sciences later in my career.

I married my best friend on Dia de los Muertos 2014, and we live in a house-of-seven-colors with our two kitties, Shockey and Hotz. I enjoy carding and spinning wool in my craft room, then wearing the yarn I produce as hair extensions. I am also involved in the local haunted house scene as a special effects makeup artist. I am trying to build a collection of awesome eye glasses to match my scarf collection, but my prescription keeps changing.