Professional reading
The Portable MLIS (completed)
Part of our lives : a people's history of the American public library (completed)
I Work at a Public Library: a collection of crazy stories from the stacks (currently reading)
Library and Information Centers Management (currently reading)
Library: an unquiet history (to be read)
This Book is Overdue!: how librarians and cybrarians can save us all (to be read)
Are Libraries Obsolete?: an argument for relevance in the digital age (to be read)
Tons of scholarly articles and book excerpts for my own interests and work in the Learning Commons

For pleasure
The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: and other small acts of liberation (completed)
Of Two Minds: the growing disorder in American psychiatry (completed)
The Devil You Know (completed)
The Bees (completed)
Now, Discover Your Strengths (completed)
Ash (completed)
The Giver (completed)
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (completed)
Fahrenheit 451 (complete)
Caffeinated (to be read)
Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: a life in neuroscience (to be read)
The Boundaries of Humanity: humans, animals, machines (to be read)

Guilty pleasure
Cut and Run series (completed)
Shock and Awe series (to be read)