BuJo Stage 2 and 2.5

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From my last blog post… I needed 2 BuJos, and I needed a device that would allow me to categorize as well as insert full size pages: Enter Iteration #2 and #2.5

I had a plan. I would keep one at home BuJo for my personal life (#2.5), and one at work BuJo for my work life (#2). Being the creative person I am, I decided to up the cuteness factor for the BuJos while also adding practical benefits. Originally I went to Office Depot looking for soft covered binders, but I wound up finding something so much better: The Five Star Flex Notebinder. If a three ring binder and a notebook spawned, this notebinder would be the result. Smaller, lighter, and more flexible than a binder yet tough and with the ability to add/remove sheets at any point in the pages. I purchased a black notebinder at Office Depot and a white notebinder from Amazon. I was ready!

The white notebinder was my at home BuJo. I purchased Astrobrights, 8.5x11, 24lb paper in Stardust White (that would be a bright white paper with rainbow flecks in it). The notebinder was indeed rainbow themed! I spent hours making a yearly spread, monthly spreads, and weekly spreads to print. I also created a daily tracker and printed plenty of extra pages just with a dot grid. I pre-planned the monthly and weekly spreads through April, and a whole year’s worth of trackers. The actual notebinder was separated into sections: section one the spreads, section two the tracker, section three reading notes. I realized really early on (and should already have known!) that I don’t have that many planned activities in my personal life. My monthly calendars were bare, and though I tried to keep something written in the weekly spreads they pretty much got left behind too. I did keep up with the tracker for a few months, but I wanted to change the tracker, regretted printing a year’s worth, and didn’t want to start over again creating a new tracker. So again, that fell off too. I still love my rainbow BuJo, and I still have it--but it sits on my desk at home, sad and unused. It just didn’t fit my needs, despite how much I wanted it to.

The black notebinder was my at work BuJo. This one lasted longer. For this I ordered Paper Jam, 8.5x11, 24lb paper in Antique Gold Parchment. This one was black n gold sugar skull themed. Again, I poured hours into spreads for the year, month, and week. This time I printed an entire semester’s worth of pages (January to May), and I did use it all the way through about early May. Again, I sectioned this one: section one for spreads, section two for meeting notes, section three for reading notes. My weekly spreads took up two 8.5x11 sheets and gave me plenty of room to add bullets. However, the monthly spread was a wreck; I followed a BuJo basic for it. Dates lined up on the left, each date gets a horizontal line, and you write on each line important meetings/events for that day. I even doubled the size by doing days 1-16 on the left 8.5x11 page and 17-31 on the right 8.5x11 page. NO ROOM! Many days, I have a lot going on that I have to remember, and while it was an improvement over the block days in BuJo #1, it still wasn’t working! Some days there is 0 going on, other days up to 5 events needing to be noted. The yearly spread, which I thought was super clever, was an even bigger waste. It’s just a spreadsheet of the year’s dates in tiny blocks running continuously. While I liked the idea of continuousness, the blocks were SO TINY I could not fit anything in them--I wrote like two things in some blocks and gave it up. The daily spread was pretty good, and that’s what I kept up with the longest. Now, the meetings section I nearly filled up with notes, but I found it difficult to find what I was looking for later, especially because I was using the front and back of sheets. I have a lot of meetings that are bi-weekly or weekly, and I’d have to flip a lot to refer back to what happened at the last meeting to figure out what we should talk about this week. It wasn’t a wreck, but it wasn’t efficient.  The final section for keeping written notes about what I had read went just fine; however, because the notebinder is so slim I couldn’t keep the printed articles in the notebinder with the hand written notes.

The major problem? I was still taking notes on random sheets and sticky notes because I couldn’t seem to keep the notebook with me everywhere I went. I’m unjamming printers, carrying 40lb boxes of paper, and working a service desk much of the time and most of the time unexpectedly. So, the notebook stayed in the office where I wasn’t. I tried at first to find time to transcribe the notes into the pretty notebinder pages, but I didn’t have time. So I had piles of notes all over my desk pertaining to different topics. At some point in early May I just gave up on the BuJo and went without, just writing on whatever whenever wherever with piles ever growing.

By mid-June I felt like an unorganized hoarder and couldn’t take it anymore! Enter iteration #3.

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